What is Corporate Minutes Online?

Corporate Minutes Online (aka "CMO") is a simplified web based tool created to assist small to medium sized companies to comply with the state-required corporate minutes and resolution reporting requirements. It is also designed to cater Accounting and Law Firms handling multiple companies. Corporate Minutes Online acknowledges the fact that majority of existing corporations are currently non-compliant with record-keeping requirements because of the high legal fees and inconvenience of creating essential legal documents. Our main goal is to provide a user-friendly and cost-effective online tool that can help users create and manage their own legal documents and stay compliant with the state reporting requirements. Corporate Minutes Online is a product of the combined efforts of attorneys (lawyers), accountants and programmers who shared the same vision to make companies cost-effective and state-compliant by providing them an online tool at very affordable cost.

CorporateMinutesOnline.com takes great pride in the quality of our services and wants our customers to be pleased with their subscription by providing them with the best value, quality and service. Upon payment of your subscription you start to enjoy the full feature of CorporateMinutesOnline.com system.

Subscription is for a minimum lock in period of one year per company in your active account. You will be notified to renew you subscription 30 days before maturity date so you can enjoy uninterrupted usage of our online service and safekeeping of you stored data. All your stored data will still be kept in our server if in case the customer fails to renew on or before maturity date.

CorporateMinutesOnline.com provides a web based online solution to small and medium sized businesses that choose to prepare their own business documents such as Corporate Board Minutes, Resolutions, Affidavit, etc. To that extent, the Site offer standard business document templates that can be filled up with specific details of the meetings or resolutions. CorporateMinutesOnline.com Services does not include review of your data for legal sufficiency, draw legal conclusions, provide legal advice or apply the law to the facts of your particular situation. CorporateMinutesOnline.com and its services are not substitutes for the advice of an attorney.